We have been adding up columns of numbers for more years than we count. Latterly we have taken to using a calculator, not because of any loss in our mental capacity obviously, but because it looks professional to be up to date with the latest technology.

Since 1983 we have been offering trailing edge services to the business community with just enough enthusiasm and application to keep clients interested in retaining us. We continue to represent clients who joined us right at the start and have had a few more join us since then. A rich and steady stream of client referrals over the years would suggest that we appear to get things right more often than we get them wrong.

We cannot be accused of overstating the quality of our services, but are quietly confident that we are pretty good at what we do. Where appropriate we can offer client references in an effort to support any wild claims we may make as to the quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of our work.

Our typical clients are likely to be owner-managed businesses at the smaller end of the SME market place. They are likely to be based in and around the Thames Valley but we are not afraid of travelling across county borders. Over the years we have had clients move away but retain our services and we now have clients in all areas of England as well as several overseas territories including Wales.